10 Day Juice Fast Diary Day 1

10 Day Juice Fast Diary Day 1

By Jamie Matthewman
May 7th, 2014

This post talks a little about what you might expect on the first day of a 10 day juice fast. You will see at the end of the post that my original plan has evolved, but the essence of the challenge still remains. I must stress that I’m already eating a 100% plant based diet. I haven’t had any caffeine for 6 months, and the last alcoholic beverage I had was about one week ago.

So If you’re planning a juice fast, take a look at this earlier post to see the kinds of detox symptoms you might expect. Dependent on your starting point, you may want to seek medical advice before embarking on a juice fast.

I have included an picture here of my on day 1 for comparison on day 10.

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Juice Fast Diary Day 1 – Morning

I awoke at 6.30 am and had my first juice around 7.30 am. This was an impromptu decision made late the night before, so this first juice was made out of whatever fruit was in the fridge. If you’re considering a juice fast, it’s probably a good idea to make sure you’ve got what you need already in the house. Joe Cross has some great free ideas for juices on his website. My first juice consisted of the following :

    3 Kiwis
    1 Celery
    4 Carrots
    1 cup Cucumber
    2 Apples
    Thumb Piece of Ginger
    ¼ Lettuce
    6 Tomatoes

juice fast day 1 first juice

It tasted great although, I was already missing the porridge and decaf coffee I’d normally start the day with. Already highlighting how attached I am to my food/eating habits. It also missed kale, which as you probably know has many health benefits including being anti inflammatory, and high in a variety of antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients.

By 9.30 I was feeling hungry, so I drank a cup of hot water and lemon. This quelled my hunger for a while, but by 12.30 I was literally starving so another large glass of the same juice I had in the morning was in order. It didn’t touch the sides!

In terms of my mood I felt upbeat most of the day, with plenty of energy. I didn’t really obsess about food, although the pangs in my stomach kept reminding me that this wasn’t a normal day! During the later afternoon I still felt pretty good, no side effects to speak of. I had my next juice at 18.50, a concoction of :

4 Carrots
1 ½ Celery stalks
¼ Iceberg Lettuce
½ Courgette
6 Baby Tomatoes
2 Cup Fulls of Kale
Thumb piece of ginger

As you can see it didn’t look great or taste much better, but I made the most of it! During the early evening I did notice that my mood dipped a little, and my head became a little foggy. No major problems during day one though, except feeling more hungry than usual, which was expected.

photo 1


After deliberation with my partner, I have decided instead of doing a full 10 day juice detox, I will do a 10 day, morning to dusk juice fast. This means I will only consume juice, water and herbal teas during the hours of approximately 6am – 7pm. In the evening I plan to eat as normal, which will be a whole food plant based dinner. I will include my evening meals in this 10 day juice fast diary.

You may think he’s giving up before he’s even started, and I suppose you could look at it that way, but having thought about it further, this is a better plan for me right now. The idea to do the juice fast was very impromptu without really considering the impact it would have on my ‘normal’ life and my current projects, such as my marathon and ultra marathon training.

This compromise will still require a big commitment, allow me to lose the few extra pounds I want to shed, and hopefully mean I have the energy to continue training for the races I have planned later this year. A complete juice fast just wouldn’t give me calorific intake needed to keep up my training regime.

I am curious to know how have you found juice fasting and how you’ve adapted it to meet your needs? You can read day two of the juice fast diary here

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