Can a Juice Fast Make You Live Longer?

Can a Juice Fast Make You Live Longer?

By Jamie Matthewman
May 6th, 2014

Netflix has impressed me once again with it’s long list of potentially life changing documentaries including the one my partner and I watched last night, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, which inspired the start today of our 10 day juice fast.

The now 3 year old documentary, charts the transformation of two very different guys – the filmmaker Joe Cross, a very successful businessman from Australia and Phil Staples, a trucker from America who’s close to giving up on life.

Both these men embark on a life changing 60 day juice fast, for the purpose of losing weight and curing themselves from a chronic skin disease they both suffer from.

Both men do incredibly well, in fact that massively underplays their achievements, but I won’t say anymore on their results because I highly recommend you watch Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead if you want to lose weight or see what’s possible when you truly to commit to something.

So what is a Juice Fast?

It is essentially a chosen period of time, during which you commit to only consuming freshly squeezed/pressed juices and water.

Why Juice Fast?

The are many reported reasons to juice fast including losing weight, increasing energy, cleansing, toxin release and as you’d expect, there are many who doubt juice fasting’s health credentials. Rather recommending combining juice with a healthy, vegetable based diet.

However my desire to give juice fasting ago, is driven by the fact that from an evolutionary stance, it would seem your body is designed to fast. Hundreds of studies on animals, which is what we physically are, show that when animals are fed fewer calories they live longer.

During our 4 million year evolution, food has been a scarce commodity. For approximately 99.9% of that period, we’ve had to get off our butts and go hunt and forage to fill our bellies. Only recently has access to food become so easily available for the majority of the population. With the dawn of the internet, we don’t even have to leave the house to get whatever we crave for. We are very lucky considering there are still 870 million people (1 in 8) the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization estimates suffer from chronic undernourishment. Yet this comes at a price, as on the whole we’re fatter and less active than at anytime in the history of man.

Excessive Calories Are Shortening Our Lives

Whilst undernourishment kills, so does excessive body weight. It is associated with various diseases, particularly cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus type 2, obstructive sleep apnea, certain types of cancer, osteoarthritis and asthma. Obesity has been found to reduce life expectancy by 6 – 17 years. So it’s pretty evident that excessive calories shortens our life span.

For four million years the human body has evolved to expect periods when food would be abundant and times when it would be scarce, so like many animals it is designed to store fat to use during these periods for fuel. However because we’re lazier and more sedentary than ever before, this is happening, we’re consuming far more calories than we need and killing our bodies in the process. The advice from Doctor Fuhrman who’s the featured expert on the documentary is to “eat healthy and fast periodically.”

Why am I Juice fasting?

I am not overweight but I am carrying a few more pounds than I’d like, so that’s partly my motivation, but this is more about giving my body a rest and developing greater discipline around food and beyond. Whilst I only eat plants nowadays, I’ve never gone without solid food for more than a day, so I am curious to find out how this will transform not only my body, but my energy levels, my thinking and quality of mind.

I have also experienced the powerful rejuvenating effects detoxing has had during previous detoxes, so I am expecting the same. If you’ve juice fasted before we’d love to know how you got on – please share in the comments section below.

Jamie Matthewman

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