4 Inspiring Ideas to Help You When Starting Your Own Business

4 Inspiring Ideas to Help You When Starting Your Own Business

By Cleo Caban
January 12th, 2014

Are you considering starting your own business and escaping the 9 to 5? If so starting a new business will require more than just a good idea. To be successful in the metamorphosis from employee to entrepreneur, you should consider (among other things) 4 inspiring ideas.

Idea #1: Live in a state of Perpetual Motion

Defined by Webster … “a state in which movement or action is or appears to be continuous and unceasing.” In other words, to be in that wondrous state of celebrating that glorious day when we you are finally able to say goodbye to your daily grind of going to a job that doesn’t satisfy you anymore and doesn’t speak to your truly authentic self.

At this point, you might fall into the trap of doing less (less work, less effort, less focus, less motivation, less attention, less appreciation, less yada-yada-yada…you get the point). But when we allow ourselves to fall victim to that “lack mentality”, everything around us will be infected … even that newfound passion you so earnestly believe in, will count for nothing.

Think about it this way … have you ever heard the saying “birds of a feather flock together?” Well, it goes the same with our attitude and feelings – thoughts that form together, stay forever. Once we allow our minds to settle for less, we create a habit that is hard to break. Settling for less means your mind has no other recourse but to continue in that negative, downward spiral, regardless of how important your idea. The only way to guarantee success when starting a new business (in fact in any category of life), is to strive forward in perpetual motion, always balancing a positive state of mind with an over achiever’s mentality. Anything else will surely lead to frustration, depression, and failure (not necessarily in that order).

Idea #2: Just BE

The idea of “Just Be” combats most people’s inability to let go of yesterday’s sorrows, or tomorrow’s worries. This idea focuses on appreciating the here and now. “Just Be” is synonymous with “Live Now”. Have you ever been immersed in a book and suddenly realize that what seemed like 20 minutes past is now 2 hours later? As a man venturing off into that treacherous world of entrepreneurship, you certainly need to prepare yourself with the right tools. Items of interest when starting your own business include your goals, your benchmarks of success, your vision, your daily action. Items of important things to do, and of course time spent with those closest to you etc.

However what most of us do is to spend hours labouriously thinking, rethinking, and running through outcomes of what might happen. Instead I propose you take on an entirely different approach instead…Just…Be…& Live…Now. As long as you’ve a map of where you see your future heading, living in the present will allow you the ability to truly appreciate the journey.

Idea #3: Make Positive Assumptions

We’ve all heard the wise crack response to a person that “assumes”, no? Well it goes like this, when you assume, you’re making an “ass out of you and me”. Now anybody who is anybody would never make a negative assumption, right? Ha! That was a joke!

I think it’s more accurate that practically 99.9% of the people reading this have at least made some negative assumption in the past hour. Of course, right? It’s soooo easy to assume the worst isn’t it? However, if you’re a brand new entrepreneur, starting a new business and you haven’t made up your mind to assume the best…well, then my friend, your days may be numbered. Mark Twain is full of wondrous sayings, for example, “I’ve had many troubles in life, some of which actually happened.” Appreciating those moments that lie directly in front of us affords us the ability to truly appreciate the “here and now” in spite of everything else. We can reach that road toward fulfilling our soul’s Passion Potential faster when we’re open to the experience.

In closing, when starting a new business it’s important to begin each day with a grateful heart and an appreciation for those basic necessities we often take for granted. Seek to do more than to simply “exist” today. Instead, I challenge you to grab life by the “horns” and seek out ways to stretch out of your comfort zone and get “uncomfortable”. This is how when starting your own business you’ll flourish. Never miss an opportunity to just be you…it could possibly be the last time you get the chance!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these three simple yet important transitional notions as you journey towards that realization of becoming an Entrepreneur and MORE!!

P.S. – If you’re wondering about the 4th idea and where it went, well presto! Here it is, “Don’t sweat the small stuff … and remember, it’s all small stuff.” The late William James said it best when he revealed, “The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his/her life by altering his/her attitude.”

Life is truly short, and getting your panties in a bunch over life’s many guaranteed mishaps will only lead to stress, higher cortisol in the belly, and eventually heartburn. Make sense?

Cleo Caban

About Cleo Caban

Cleo has dedicated his life to helping people bring beauty to the world. See Cleo’s celebrity interview here.

6 thoughts on “4 Inspiring Ideas to Help You When Starting Your Own Business

  • Samuel says:

    I remember when I was hired and worked for someone and said that this was definitely not for me.

    I had way to many ideas that couldn’t be implemented at my own work and I said fuck it.

    Started something myself now.

    Thanks for the article!

    – Sam

    • Cleo says:

      Sam – We appreciate you Brother!! Keep on Rockin and may 2014 bring you and your family Blessings, Prosperity and enough Good times to last a life time!!

  • Sandy says:

    These are all great, but I especially like 1 and 2 as a combo. Constantly be moving, but live in the now. Sometimes I catch myself reviewing and reviewing my plan of attack and wasting time rather than just DOING the plan. Thanks for this. Very inspiring.

    • Cleo Caban Cleo says:

      Sandy!! Yes indeed! Life has so many up’s and down’s … twists and turns … creating that opportunity to be truly authentic relies solely on one thing … having the courage to say “No!” … Having the courage to Say No to those Shiny Objects and Once in a lifetime opportunities that pop-up will help us inch ever so closer to that thing we call – “Fudge Yeah!!” … IE – Extraordinary Success! Thank You Sandy for sharing your thoughts on “The Transition” … it is much appreciated my friend. – Cleo Caban

  • Alex Harris says:

    Glad I came across your blog today. I had the chance to meet Cleo at NMX and he is really a great guy! Don’t sweat the small stuff, love it. It is so easy to get corrupted by outside influences for sure.

    • Cleo Caban Cleo says:

      My good friend Alex!! On a scale of 1 to 10 – you are Amazing!! 😉 … Thank you for your friendship, expertise and wisdom! You are appreciated brother! – Cleo Caban

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