Does Man Really Value Life or Health?

Does Man Really Value Life or Health?

By Jamie Matthewman
June 17th, 2014

Firstly as you’ll see from the horrific image, this isn’t a pretty article. In fact it isn’t the kind of post you’ll normally find here. In fact it is more of a rant on my part, so I apologise if you find this offensive.

In fact I was in two minds whether to share this image with you because it is so harrowing, but I thought I can’t hide this. I am here to share the truth.

Not because I have any real affinity with elephants, rather it illustrates a complete disregard for the value of ‘life’. Human or otherwise.

This graphic act of barbarism, captures what I’m sure you see as human madness. It makes no sense. Unless of course you’re the killer, who’ll reap a meager reward for satisfying someone’s sick desire for an animal trophy.

This elephant belonged to a family. It probably had dependent children, they make amazing parents and just like humans, elephants mourn their dead. So it’s certain this graceful, intelligent giant will be sadly missed. The question I ask myself is, what kind of reasoning would lead your fellow man, to think this kind of behaviour is acceptable?

To me, only a man believing his plight is more important than the elephants, could ignore the pain, anguish and fear this poor animal would have felt. Yet no matter what the circumstances, even if my kids were starving could I resort to putting food on the table in this way. I am sure you feel the same.

Yet it appears as a species, we still have someway to go to find a collective peace within ourselves and a harmonious relationship with nature. This is just one of countless examples I am seeing lately, that illustrates the world we’ve built is being unconsciously fueled by fear, murder and greed, as life continues to be a low priced commodity. We can do better than this.

I am a Hypocrite

However I’m no David Attenborough and far from innocent in all this. Until quite recently I was doing the same. I wasn’t hacking animals to pieces, but I was the one at the top of the food chain, accepting the murder of innocent animals, as I unconsciously gorged on bacon sandwiches, burgers, steaks etc.

What makes this worse, is that in 2007 I stopped eating meat, after getting a glimpse of the fear and distress animals feel, when they know they’re about to die.

In September that year I visited a slaughterhouse in Denmark with my work at the time. An enormous place of death, killing in excess of 64,000 pigs a week, that’s over 3 million per year. I could literally smell death as I was sickly led to a purpose built viewing area to watch pigs, screaming, trying desperately to get away from the gas chamber they were about to be killed in. It was a harrowing experience. The thing is as time passed, I forgot how distressing it was and after about 4 years of non meat eating; I began again until only around 8 months ago.

Is this Murder?

In my opinion yes it is. I am sure some will disagree, but I see the slaughter of animals for their meat, no differently to murdering an animal for ivory. Why…because we don’t need either to survive or thrive.

Ivory does nothing more than fans people’s egos and the millions of vegetarians around the world can testify, meat is an unnecessary addition to the human diet.

In fact we are biologically designed to be herbivores, we haven’t evolved to eat meat. Research on the health benefits of vegetarianism, is proving that people who choose a predominantly plant based, wholefoods diet, lead a healthier and longer life than meat eaters.

Meat is not a natural diet for humans here are 17 reasons why man is meant to eat a plant based diet.

It’s A Con!

However most of the world is asleep to this as shown below in the graph. It illustrates the growing consumption of meat year on year, driven by the meat marketers who keep spreading the message we need meat in our diets to live an optimum life. I can personally testify that I’ve never felt better, since ditching meat again in favour of a vegetarian, predominantly plant based diet.

World meat production

Animals Revenge

Ironically animals get the last laugh, because the stress, fear and pain animals endure when they are being slaughtered, or waiting to be slaughtered, results in several diseases in humans who eat meat. Most notable are cardiac problems, impotency and general fatigue.

Life is Life

The consensus is that man is the most intelligent of creatures, yet we’re the one’s ignorantly allowing greed to rule our lives and rarely learning by our mistakes.

Apparently early men were cannibals, eating the soft brain tissues of their victims because it was more convenient than hunting. Maybe this is why killing comes easy to us, but that was over a million of years ago.

Today I wonder how so called intelligent men, can continue to kill and maim each other over nothing more than differing ideas and beliefs – surely that’s not very clever is it?

Time to Give Animals a Break

We are no better or more deserving of ‘living’ than any other creature on this planet, and the killing of any animal is unnecessary. It is a complete disrespect for life, the exact same life force that animates you and I.

In conclusion, whilst this isn’t an article necessarily advocating vegetarianism, meat eating isn’t natural, what you do with this information is up to you. However more so, the main point is, that just because we find it easy enough to kill each other, lets give innocent animals a break. They deserve better.

I would love to know your views on what continues to be a contentious topic…

Jamie Matthewman

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