“Everything Has Been figured Out, Except How to Live”

“Everything Has Been figured Out, Except How to Live”

By Sean Hayes
January 9th, 2014

Sometimes I feel like I have no choice at all in life. I either give up completely or I try my absolute hardest to make it happen. And so that’s what I am doing now. I am committing my whole life to finishing the final edits of three books I’ve written.

I have bought a one-way ticket to Bogota, Colombia because it was in the Amazon Jungle last year, where I began to write one of my books. I want to be influenced again by South American culture as I complete the final touches. Another reason is to just remove myself from everything that’s comfortable. To wander out alone into the world and trust that I will be ok.

I am inspired by anyone who’s gone above and beyond what was known in their respected fields. I call it the “genius quotient”, epitomized by Seneca who said “Every great genius has an element of madness”. So I am inspired by the geniuses, the crazy geniuses like Da Vinci, Plato, Nietzsche, and Sartre, and not just because they fit into the category, but because they have the “genius quotient”. They broke the mold and changed the way people think. Nothing is more inspiring than that to me.

This is what I want ‘Beyond Atarxia’ to be for readers. I want it to bring out your genius, and break your ignorant ideals or confirm your wise ones. This book is my philosophical discussion on life, suffering, love, friendship, money, the soul, and many other subjects as relevant today as when they were first understood thousands of years ago.

I acknowledge what I know is very limited, what I offer is the ability to expose our shared human essence in an honest way. As Voltaire said,

“judge a man by his questions rather than his answers.”

This book is written to challenge who you think you are, to make you question what you believe to be right, and to force you to become more aware of your true nature. Please enjoy this short excerpt from the chapter titled “Nature as our ruler”. It talks about how nature gives guidance and provides for all plant and animal life on earth.

If we also wish to flourish, we must follow her example just as closely. Here is the excerpt, I hope you enjoy –

“It is as though our bodies are ships afloat in an endless ocean, tempests are what bring us suffering, and calmness is what brings us tranquility. While we captain our vessel through the open ocean of life, we have the power to tactfully navigate our way through time, space and matter. If we guide ourselves with the charts that mother nature has drawn for us, we will become intimately involved with the Prana, or life force, that the limitless ocean offers us.

As keen sailors we must not set our gaze past the horizon if we desire to travel peacefully through the open sea. We must focus upon the the lines, the sails, and the deck of our ship if we hope to travel through the open ocean successfully and happily. Once we have brought our attention to our vessel, and away from the vast expanse of ocean, we can perform the required maintenance and adjustments which will prepare us for our life long adventure.

Opportunity, if met when unprepared, will not give us a chance to be successful, and so, we must prepare ourselves to ensure we are able to exploit every opportunity that comes our way. Once the lines are fastened, the sails have been set, and the decks have been mopped, then we may safely look up and turn our attention to the beautiful sea that surrounds us. We really are sailing through an ocean of opportunity.

Of course, just as in sailing, there will always be constant adjustments and repairs needed for our ship. But once we have found our hull to be sound, and our sails full of wind, we can make the minor adjustments that are needed along the way without much difficulty. From here we will be able to make a clear decision about which direction we want to travel without having to make any major modifications to our vessel. When we need to adapt, we can do so easily. We navigate through the ocean of life with no defined destination, with a keen sense of self, our vessel remains calm and swift when storms approach. No gale is too strong and no wave is too high for a well captained ship to endure its voyage.

Remember that in this odyssey of life we must not be scared by the fact we have no final destination. We do not seek landfall, what we seek is adventure, what we seek is life, and most of all what we seek is freedom. And so we sail, captains of our ship while our lives form our expedition. We must take care to continue to study the art and craft of seamanship, or life, because then, caressed by her rolling bosom, the gentle motion of the natural sea will inspire us and give and provide us with a route to a successful journey.”


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