How to Find Your Purpose in Life Without it Feeling Like Hard Work

How to Find Your Purpose in Life Without it Feeling Like Hard Work

By Jamie Matthewman
October 27th, 2013

Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them. Dalai Lama

So you want to know how to find your purpose in life, but you’re finding this task easier said that done right?

I’m not surprised, there’s a lot of pressure to find the magic answer, because it’s touted as the panacea for ensuring you live this short life to its fullest.

But what if you never find it, would that mean you screw up your life…who wants that? So I can see why for some it can become such a big deal.

Search for ‘purpose’ in Amazon and you’ll find over 63,000 books on the topic. Endless writers have made small fortunes out of this fear.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to build your work and your life around your passions or make a difference in the world, but if you’ve been trying to figure out your life’s purpose for a long time, my advice would be to stop searching.

how to find your lifes purpose

Take your foot off the gas, putting pressure on yourself will make the inquiry way harder than it is. In fact, you may not know it, but you’re already fulfilling your major purpose in life.

You have since the day you were conceived.

When I was out running yesterday in the woods, hundreds of acorns were falling to the ground. The oaks leaves rustling as the acorns pin balled from branch to branch as they shared their gifts with the forest.

Effortlessly continuing the evolution of their species; but as you know trees do much more. They’re like natures vacuum cleaners, removing pollutants and Co2 from the air, making it cleaner for us to breathe and slowing global warming.

The laws of the universe are fundamentally the same all the time every time.

All of natures creations, know what they’re meant to do. A sperm instinctively understands it’s mission is to finds its way to the egg.

Drone bees know their goal is to mate with the queen, her sole purpose is to produce eggs and female worker bees perform tasks to maintain the upkeep of the hive.

Each individual cell knows intuitively its specific function in the body, for the purposes of maintaining the survival of organism.

If you consider man is made of a trillion cells, animated by the energy behind all living things, surely each man must know his a purpose too?

We do…like EVERY other living creature’s primary purpose…it’s survival.

This will always be your most important mission in life and the fact you’re reading this proves so far so good.

And in doing so, like trees who’s will to survive cleans the air and bees inadvertently pollinate the plants. Each man impacts the world during his time surviving in some way, big or small.

Like I said the laws of nature are always applicable, every living creature has what you might call a by product, as a result of surviving.

Some men’s time here will add positively, others will leave a history of destruction and those who innocently choose mediocrity, because of fear, are soon forgotten.

But the bottom line is…after survival, life comes down to choices.

And it’s where these choices come from which make the biggest difference in a man’s life. A man full of love leaves creations of beauty in his wake. A man full of fear leaves a legacy of missed opportunities, violence and destruction.

So if you want to leave behind beauty, your purpose is to wake up, to be the most conscious, loving, kind and compassionate man you can.

If every man recognised this was his true purpose, the world would be very different. This is how you truly live, but most men unconsciously choose to follow the dogma of a failing society that has no desire to help it’s men live meaningful lives.

A society which has us believe there’s a limited supply of everything, so even if we get what we think makes us safe, we then fear losing it.

So life becomes a constant battle for survival, when actually compared to even a couple of hundred years ago, for most people survival is easy.

But for most, the accumulation of money and things becomes the prime objective, irrespective of whether you enjoy what you do.

But this saps your vigor and thirst for life, which is why you’re willing to take a risk to change things you want more.

You’ve had enough of mundane.

You’ve begun to ask bigger questions about life in the hope you’ll be able to escape to something new.

But this quest isn’t about escaping the life you’re living now, it’s about waking up to the fact you already have the peace, joy and happiness you think a purpose will provide.

That’s the problem I see with the idea about finding a life’s purpose. Personally I hoped finding my life’s purpose would provide salvation, it didn’t.

I don’t even know what my life’s purpose is and I’d be so bold as saying a life’s purpose doesn’t exist. It’s a mind made meme that’s gathered momentum, but may actually be nonsense.

You’re always on purpose.

So I say fuck finding your life’s purpose, instead make enjoying life your highest priority, this is how you’ll find out what you really want to do.

This is how nature operates.

Live like a dog. Given the change if it wants to hunt it hunts, if it wants to play it plays, if it wants to sleep it sleeps. It doesn’t spends years pondering it’s greater purpose, dogs get on with living, doing what feels right in the moment.

For me, this is our purpose…to follow inspiration and be guided by joy. But it’s not always easy because your ego thinks there’s more to it.

How can it be that simple? Countless books, with many different strategies tell you so. So you over think it and the whole purpose thing becomes a struggle.

If you’re at this point, it’s worth remembering why you’re choosing to follow a greater purpose in life. Yes you want to do what you love, but it’s also because you want to make a difference.

You want to make people feel something they don’t right now, you want to help people get something they’re lacking, you want to put a smile on people’s faces.

This isn’t about you.

It is about the group of people you want to serve. This is probably the reason you’ve been finding it difficult to figure it out until now. You’ve been placing the emphasis on you and sorting out your life.

So if you’re finding it difficult to begin, my advice would be to identify who it is you want to help and why. What difference do you want to make in their lives?

You don’t have to be qualified, that will come by getting started.

I decided I wanted to help men feel more alive, to build lives of meaning andto overcome self doubt.

Why…because I knew how it felt. I didn’t feel qualified and ironically I doubted myself, but I started anyway.

I still question what the fuck I’m doing sometimes and it’s hasn’t been easy, but I keep going, each step of the way I have to evolve and as I do, so does my vision for this project.

So choose a group of people to serve, start serving them to the best of your ability, and in the process you’ll discover the direction you’re looking for.

A direction which may lead you to choosing a different way, but that’s the beauty of taking action…you get feedback which guides the decisions you make in life.

This is the adventure, likely to require many iterations until your path shows itself. A journey, which at times won’t be clear or easy.

That’s life in my experience, the more lighthearted, I make it the easier it seems to be.

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