How to Overcome the Illusion of Fear

How to Overcome the Illusion of Fear

By Jamie Matthewman
July 23rd, 2013

Fear Stops You Achieving Your Highest Potential

All humans are born with only two natural fears – loud noises and the fear of falling. In most other cases, in the 21st century, whenever you’re feel afraid, it is an illusion created by insecure thinking. 

Real fear is a good thing. It is an evolutionary gift that makes you jump into action so you can get out of harms way. Yet when you innocently allow your mind to catch you out, illusory fear can keep you from ever reaching your highest potential.

It will keep you striving to live safely, which isn’t the way you’ll make the most of life.

The Illusion of Fear

Before I saw that most of the fear I’ve experienced in my life isn’t real, fear led my life. It paralyzed me and stopped me making life changing actions like making the sales calls, starting important conversations or leaving a relationship that wasn’t working.

I trusted fear, I believed it knew best but then I began to see the truth, that it’s just a feeling. A shadow of insecure thinking which until you see, keeps you trapped. 

But once you see that most fears are merely a fabrication, you can use that energy to propel you forward instead of holding you back. Now in moments of fear I ask myself“what am I really afraid of?”

Most of the time it’s likely to be self doubt, nothing else emminating from idea that I’m not capable of handling a situation in my life, but I always do.

When you can face fears for what they are, you’re able to move beyond them to do what you most desire. This maybe a big ask right now, but stick with it. The avoidance of fear is a sure fire way to keep it playing a big part in your life.

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