How to Reduce Your Risk of Cancer

How to Reduce Your Risk of Cancer

By Jamie Matthewman
November 29th, 2017

A new study by The American Cancer Society has found that almost half of all cancer cases are lifestyle created so therefore within our control. So if you’ve ever wondered how to prevent cancer or if in fact cancer is preventable, this study proves it is in certain cases.

The research led by Dr. Farhad Islami at the American Cancer Society[1], published in CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians, analysed cancer data and found that 42% of all cancer cases and 45% of cancer deaths could be avoided by changing certain lifestyle habit.

The findings reveal which habits (otherwise known as modifiable risk factors) contribute to the most cancer cases so give you a great road map if you’re wondering how to reduce your risk of developing cancer. Unsurprisingly, smoking came in at number one, causing 20% of all cancer cases. Being overweight or obese was the second-riskiest factor, accounting for nearly 8% of cases. Drinking alcohol constituted 5.6% of cases; unsafe UV exposure accounted for 4.7% of cases; while lack of exercise claimed 2.9% of cases. Eating too few fruits and veggies accounted for 2% of cancers.

Whilst it’s not breaking news that these habits are bad for your health, the research should add fuel to your fire to make sure your lifestyle choices are aiding your health rather than potentially putting you at risk of developing cancer. This study demonstrates that while all cancers may not be avoidable, a large percentage of them are within your control.

To live a better, healthier life take these steps to give yourself the best chance of preventing cancer –

  • Surely this doesn’t need saying but quit smoking if you are … without medication
  • Watch your alcohol intake (here’s how to stop drinking alcohol for 30 days or more)
  • If you’re carrying a few extra pounds lose them in whatever way best works for you – all diets work if you stick to them!
  • Workout – combine strength and cardio for best result. A HIIT-style workout will help keep the weight off without a massive time commitment
  • Eat more vegetables (here’s 17 reason to avoid meat)
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