Inspiring Ted Talks – Frank Warren of

Inspiring Ted Talks – Frank Warren of

By Jamie Matthewman
February 28th, 2014

The secrets I receive reflect the full spectrum of complicated issues that many of us struggle with every day: Intimacy, trust, meaning, humor, and desire. – Frank Warren

In 2004 Frank Warren handed out 3,000 blank post cards on the streets of Washington DC asking people to anonymously share their secrets with him. With evidence that his idea resonated with people, he has gone on to create, which is now the most visited unadvertised blog in the world.

Since November 2004, Frank has received more than 500,000 postcards, with secrets that run from sexual taboos and criminal activity to confessions of secret beliefs, hidden acts of kindness, shocking habits and fears. PostSecret is a safe and anonymous “place” where people can hear unheard voices and share untold stories.

Frank Warren with hundreds of thousands of secrets

Frank Warren with hundreds of thousands of secrets

In this inspiring video Frank shares some of his favourite secrets – some funny, some shocking but mostly very moving. Worth 11 minutes of your time.

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