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What is Instant Inspiration?

Instant Inspiration is a collection of 150 to live by. Profound, transformative quotes from some of the wisest men and women in our history. The worlds greatest leaders, the wisest sages, the change makers who’ve transformed peoples lives.

These quotes have the power to change you life. This 81 page book contains language to inspire instantly and expand your understanding of what it means to live an authentically successful life.

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These Quotes Can Change Your Language and Your Life

Words are the most powerful asset you have. They create the narrative and meaning of your life. They can instantly inspire and ignite you or just as easily take you down to a place of sadness and despair.

If your language is mediocre, so will your life. Words can corrupt your happiness but also leave you feeling immeasurably happy…instantly.

You are always living in the confines or expansiveness of your internal conversations. By embracing the language and ideas of some the greatest teachers, you get the opportunity to expand your mind and in doing so create the attitude required for authentic success and inspired living.

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