The Inspired Manifesto

A manifesto functions as both a statement of principles and a bold, sometimes rebellious, call to action, causing people to evaluate the gap between those principles and their current reality.

It is designed to challenge assumptions, foster commitment, and provoke change. This is the aim of The Inspired Manifesto.

It is a call to action for me, as I hope it is you, because if more men in the world lived by this creed, in my opinion the world would be better place.

    An Inspired Man is on a mission to live his life courageously, powerfully and truthfully. Intent on continuously upgrading and enhancing his health, his wealth and his capacity to love, so that no area of his life dwells in mediocrity.

    An Inspired Man is a man of freedom, driven by his heart, he plays by his rules, he lives by his instincts, investing his time and energy in projects that matter to him, never compromising because this would dilute his effectiveness.

    An Inspired Man is committed to being in optimal health. He wants to look great, feel amazing, strong and energised. He knows without vitality and vigor, he’s unable to experience the full ferocity of life or lead himself and others to success.

    An Inspired Man wants to experience the full gamut life, he takes on new challenges which inspire and push him into new territories because he knows this is one of the quickest ways through the bullshit and perceived limitations that get in the way of his happiness and success.

    An Inspired Man deeply honours and respects himself, he knows without unconditional love for himself, he cannot share this with the world. He makes choices which dignify and amplify, powerful positive energy, never making choices that dishonour him or jeopardise his well being.

    An Inspired Man is a seeker of truth and a student of life, never claiming to have all the answers and ultimately knowing he knows nothing. He recognises life is a spiritual adventure, a playground for deepening his understanding of himself and discovering the truth of who he really is.

    An Inspired Man never compares himself to others, he knows his value is intrinsic, determined by himself, not his status, bank balance, looks or any other external feature of his life. He KNOWS his worth is without question.

    An Inspired Man recognises he has all the resources, talent and confidence he needs to create his biggest aspirations, focusing his attention on one activity at a time, never diluting his capacity to create his best results.

    An Inspired Man is at ease, he has no attachment to his goals, he trusts the intelligence of life is working with him and will bring exactly what he needs at exactly the right time…even if it doesn’t always look that way.

    An Inspired Man takes full responsibility for where he finds himself in life. He appreciates he is the creator of his reality, he blames no one for his feelings or his failures or expects anyone to bail him out when the going gets tough.

    An Inspired Man is a master creator. He is fully on purpose, a man of action. VERY clear about what he wants to create in the world, each day taking small, consistent steps to bringing to life the ideas of his imagination.

    An Inspired Man adores ALL women, he goes out of his way to make them feel good about themselves and worships their very essence. He seeks to create fun, loving, honest relationships with every woman in his life.

    An Inspired Man takes full responsibility for creating the life of meaning and adventure he wants. He is intent on breaking free from all confines of self doubt and insecurity, so that he can become the most powerful man he can.

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