A Mans Biggest Problem?

A Mans Biggest Problem?

By Jamie Matthewman
June 23rd, 2013

What is Man’s Biggest Problem?

Seeing the world through eyes of self doubt.

I say this because for a long period of my life I’ve entertained ideas about not being good enough, big enough, interesting enough, clever enough and so on.

It was completely innocent but I held on to these self imposed limitations with so much strength, they stopped me seeing who I really am and what I’m truly capable of.

I was trapped in a reality that at times made me ask what’s the point. You may have you been there too?

This internal battle caused countless days of depression and ideations about suicide, but of course I wasn’t brave enough for that!

Whilst at the time my life seemed well and truly screwed, it wasn’t really. The misery was a creation of stories I’d fabricated in my mind. Like any good narrative though it seemed totally convincing.

And when we don’t see what’s really happening, the stories persist the more we continue to judge our judgement’s about ourselves, to the point we never see past them for a glimpse of the truth.

Self Doubt – It’s All Bull Shit

I know I’m not alone, if men truly believed in who they were, they’d rise up into their own power and take on life with a greater sense of vigor and commitment, but instead mediocrity rules most men’s lives.

This kind of personal abuse means we stop looking after ourselves and indulge in the things that seem to offer us salvation; even if just for a while such as food, alcohol, drugs, sex or whatever our ‘thing’ is.

No matter what level you’re playing life at, you’ll choose to hang out with people playing on a smaller level, because you don’t think you’re good enough to mix with the ‘big boys’. < strong>All of the time fooling yourself into feeling unworthy.

The problem is that whilst it really is the biggest load of bull shit, it seems so real we follow those we believe are ‘better’, rather than trusting our own wisdom and intelligence.

Rarely daring to put ourselves forward or stand up and be counted. Instead choosing to leave great, perhaps world changing ideas on the table to carry on with the mundane and live in the shadows of possibility.

Does this sound familiar?

Decide to Play Bigger

To really take life on, to create the kind of happiness and success you deserve, these limited fear based stories of not being enough need to be seen for what they are.

Otherwise they’ll stifle your success in everything you do, from creating your own business, climbing the career ladder or developing amazing relationships.

No matter how long they’ve been part of your life, they are just ideas, however real and solid they may have seemed. As Seth Godin writes, perhaps you can begin to see self doubt as a guide to experiencing more…

the fear, though, becomes a compass, not a barrier. It becomes a way to know what to do next, not an evil demon to be extinguished.

Personally I’ve had enough of playing small and hanging out in the shadows. Care to join me?

Jamie Matthewman

About Jamie Matthewman

Jamie is the founder, main contributor and editor of The Inspired Man.

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