Are You Feeding Your Body or Feeding Dis-ease?

Are You Feeding Your Body or Feeding Dis-ease?

By Jamie Matthewman
August 15th, 2014

Do You Want More Energy, Better Sex and More Stamina?

You’ll find out how in this inspiring Ted Talk by Matthew Kenney, the worlds leading raw, vegan Chef.

In this video he speaks on the inadequacies of the standard american diet and the negative impact processed foods and meat have on our health, presenting the benefits of a raw plant-based diet.

matthew kenney

Originally classically trained in France, he won many prestigious awards and went to to open a number of successful restaurants, but his life was transformed following a reluctant visit to a raw food restaurant. This visit turned his life and his career upside down. His first raw food experience made him feel so much more alive, that he decided to dedicate his life to raw food and changing the way people eat.

Since becoming an expert in the field and a well-known plant-based chef and lifestyle educator, Matthew has given his services to athletes, models, and entertainers. He owns and operates Pure Chefs Worldwide, which specializes in chef placement and owns and operates multiple plant-based restaurant in the US.

In his old career he now believes he was killing people everyday with the food he was serving them. Today he believes his new restaurants are healing people.

In this video he reveals the real fountain of youth, a wake-up call that if you are sick it’s probably of your own doing and how a raw food/plant based diet will avert the greatest preventative disaster all time.

If you enjoyed this now check out his latest Ted Talk from 2011. Matthew Kenney – Crafting the Future of Food

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