Men Can’t Make a Woman Happy!

Men Can’t Make a Woman Happy!

By Jamie Matthewman
April 20th, 2015

I love this inspiring, enlightening and often funny talk by John Gray, the world’s foremost expert on relationships explains why men can’t make a woman happy.

His work is all about helping men and women understand, respect and appreciate their differences in both personal and professional relationships.

John explains that men can’t make women happy because of our differing biological makeups. To reduce cortisol (the stress hormone) women need higher levels of oxcytocin whereas in men, it’s testosterone that reduces cortisol.

Men and women are driven by different hormonal needs, so therefore think and behave differently to maintain optimal functioning.

There are actions men can take to help increase their woman’s oxytocin levels like give her roses, hugs, compliments, plan dates etc. This is probably why romance is a bigger deal to women than most men, but as John says in his talk the responsibility is really hers.

His seminal book Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus
, explains more about how men and women’s differing biological needs, often means we see the world through different glasses. We have been created with very different purposes – this is a powerful understanding for both men and women to appreciate, which would help improve many relationships.

This doesn’t mean we can use this as an excuse for a lack of empathy or understanding, but it can help to limit the expectations we have of each other to think and feel the same. Enjoy the talk and if you feel inspired please share.

Jamie Matthewman

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