Are you a man wanting to become a more powerful version of yourself? A man who wants to fulfil his potential, unlock his creativity and achieve greater results and success in all areas of your life?

The definition of inspired means of “extraordinary quality, as if arising from some external creative impulse” and it is the purpose of The Inspired Man to be that creative impulse, inspiring men to live a life of extraordinary quality.

Here you’ll find my personal enquiry about what it takes for a man to live an extraordinary life via articles, interviews, advice, tips and products designed to assist and inspire you to live a healthier, wealthier, more purposeful, productive, courageous life and create amazing relationships with the people in your life that matter.

Who am I?

My names Jamie Matthewman, the founder of The Inspired Man, which I started help average guys wake up and create life on their terms. Why because we live in a rapidly changing world, evolving at an exponential rate, but the dogma that many men are living by is outdated.

As a result men are struggling to find freedom, their place in the world or create the results they REALLY want in their lives. From an early age men have been shaped to fit into and conform to society norms which defines the criteria of success to be outside of themselves, that the answer to fulfilment is attained by achieving such things as letters after our names, social status, business success, material wealth, marriage, kids etc etc

But each time men achieve a rung on the ladder of success, they are often left wondering what else they have to do to gain the seemingly elusive FEELING of contentment, even though by society’s guidelines they should be feeling on top of the world.

As a result many men continue to strive for more but are left feeling lost, exhausted and burnt out, disconnected from the people in their life that matter most and always feeling like something is missing from their lives.

And it’s likely you’re feeling this way too.

Even though it may look like you’ve made it on the outside, inside you’re losing your ability to take take charge of your life because your map of success has you searching in the wrong direction.

But the fact you’ve found The Inspired Man probably means you have a powerful urge to become more, to change, to awaken and jump off the mundane hamster wheel of your life.

  • You’ve had enough with what’s not worked, you want to redefine yourself so that you can show up as the most inspired, loving, adaptable and charismatic man you can and leave the world a better place for your existence, whilst thriving in all areas of life.
  • You want financial abundance and the ability to devote more time and skills to being the man you know deep inside you’re capable of becoming. You want to take control of your destiny, your journey through life and gain the skills and experiences you can look back on and be proud of.
  • You want optimal healthy, to look strong and powerful and feel fully energised because you know without vitality and vigor, you’re unable to experience the full ferocity of life or lead yourself or others to success.
  • You want to be an amazing lover, partner and father, to create the most fulfilling, loving, intimate relationships with your partner, your family and friends and as importantly yourself, yet understand that the relationship you have with yourself will define your success with others.

You’re not alone and this is why The Inspired Man exists to provide a new road map for success in all areas of your life, which creates more of what you want with a greater sense of purpose, power and effectiveness. Join us…

The articles below give you an introduction to The Inspired Man lifestyle and philosophy…


Optimal Health


Nothing published here is absolute truth. All articles are just ideas which may or may not apply to you. So take from them what you find useful or relevant, discard the rest.

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