Welcome to The Inspired Man – A Men’s Personal Development and Lifestyle Blog for Men Who Want to Break Free From Conformity, Super Charge Their Productivity and Become a More Conscious, Confident, Purpose Driven Man

My name’s Jamie Matthewman, the founder and main contributor here at The Inspired Man. I created this community for men committed to their own personal development, to connect with like minded men on an mission to live and create inspired lives on their terms.

I and a growing team of contributors share a wide range of articles in areas including mindset, health, relationships, business, philosophy, psychology, diet and nutrition. Each offering ideas to help you thrive in all areas of life and business.

One definition of inspired means of “extraordinary quality, as if arising from some external creative impulse” and it is the purpose of The Inspired Man to assist and support you to live an life of extraordinary quality and help you become a more powerful, conscious and confident man in all areas of life and business.

Why Did I Create The Inspired Man?

The inspiration has quite frankly come from my challenges, especially since taking the leap to reinvent my life around work I love (coaching, writing, business development) and create a location independent lifestyle.

It’s been really hard at times. My attempts to escape the well trodden path and upgrade my life, happiness and success have come at some cost so The Inspired Man is my attempt to offer you support, encouragement and ideas to help you navigate the inevitable challenges that may come your way whatever your goals are in life.

The Best Thing You Can Do

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This is where I share with you actionable ideas for your growth. Powerful lessons in personal change and a step by step pathway to living a more conscious, courageous and authentic life. You can sign up for this here.

The articles below give you an introduction to The Inspired Man lifestyle and philosophy…


Optimal Health


Nothing published here is absolute truth. All articles are just ideas which may or may not apply to you. So take from them what you find useful or relevant, discard the rest.


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