Sam Waltons Last Three Words On His Death Bed

Sam Waltons Last Three Words On His Death Bed

By Jamie Matthewman
January 12th, 2016

Time is your most precious asset, so it’s important to be aware as much as you can of the consequences of your choices. One of the most poignant reminders of this for me is a story I heard about Sam Waltons last three words on his death bed.

I have told this story before here, in an article I wrote about how to relieve stress, but it’s worth sharing again.

If you don’t know him, Sam was one of the 20th century’s finest businessmen. A self made multi billionaire and founder of Walmart, the biggest supermarket chain in the world. He was the richest man in America from 1982 – 1988, with a net worth of $65bn at the time of his death in 1992.

sam waltons last three words

Sam committed everything to his work and business, it always came first. As a result he built a business empire most men can only dream about. He put in hour after hour each day, created thousands of jobs and earned fame and fortune.

But at what cost?

Most people would think the man was a roaring success and in many ways he was. But that’s not what he thought because Sam Waltons the last three words on his deathbed were “I blew it”.

He realised when it was too late, he’d put his work and business endeavours above the things that were most important like his family and friends, his health and his happiness. No one wants to get to the end of their life kicking themselves in the ass, knowing they put their precious time and attention in the wrong place.

I expect Sam would have exchanged every penny of his wealth for the chance to live a few more months, days or even hours focusing on what really mattered. He got distracted by the busyness of business, forgetting life is about so much more.

As you read this you might be noticing areas of your life where you’re over committed, which is having a detrimental affect on others? It is easily done, especially if you put a lot of pressure on yourself to succeed.

The potential problem is there’s a widely held belief, that success leads to happiness, but it’s a misconception, happiness is the way to TRUE success.

Hopefully you’re life is exactly how you want it, but if not Sam’s lesson may give you something to reflect upon.

I see many men turning their back on the adventure that stirs in their bellies, innocently choosing to live a life of quiet desperation, because they don’t believe there’s another way.

I did for many years, but during the last 12 years I’ve been exploring how an inspired, high performing and successful life need not be a place to get to, but an existence you can experience right now. I have an opening for 5 new clients who are committed to powerfully transforming their experience of life. Men who want to –

-Create more of what you say you want

-Design your life around what matters most

-Improve your health and well being

-Feel less stress and anxiety

-Feel more alive and connected to life

-Improve relationships with those you’re close to and find making new connections easily

-To get clear about why you’re here and what you want to make your life about

-Increase your performance levels in your work and business with less effort

If you want to perform at a higher level and have a desire to live your life to the fullest and would like the support and a framework to help you materialise what you say you want, without having to sacrifice your health, well being and happiness.

Email me here, so that we can arrange to talk about this opportunity.

To your happiness, freedom and success,

Jamie @ The Inspired Man

Jamie Matthewman

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