“Do What You Want To”

“Do What You Want To”

By Jamie Matthewman
July 14th, 2014

SLOMO from Josh Izenberg on Vimeo.

This video tells the inspiring true story of Dr. John Kitchin, a successful neurologist who 15 years ago, felt trapped in the rat race – caught up in an endless routine that didn’t make him happy. An emptiness prevailing hs life.

As a result Dr. Kitchin abandoned his career and all of his trappings of material success, including a Ferrari, an exotic animal farm and a huge mansion high in the hills. He intended to work himself into an oblivion, to get old and die, but instead he decided to stop being an asshole…

Do What You Want To!


“Everybody has the capacity to dream up and believe anything he wants to”


Now, he experiences himself as the tip of a great iceberg of consciousness, living the simplest of lives, skating all day, every day, in slow motion, at Pacific Beach. The child within feeling very happy: “The people that love SLOMO are cheering for one person that got away, that escaped, and got to real freedom where he skates all day, he doesn’t apologize – he’s simply doing what he wants to…” trying to get through life without becoming an asshole again.

Proving that if you want freedom, if you want to live your life your way and wake up to life’s full joy, it’s probably possible at any age. What do you think?

Jamie Matthewman

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