Your State of Mind is the Key to New Business Ideas

Your State of Mind is the Key to New Business Ideas

By Jamie Matthewman
July 28th, 2013

The world we have created is a product of our thinking; it cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” Albert Einstein

Yesterday I heard it quoted that one of Simon Cowell’s most important goals for his business each day, is to come up with one fresh idea; apparently more often than not he does.

You can see from his inspiring business successes, the cumulative results of implementing 300 great business ideas each year. To support this goal, he has in place a daily routine to inspire fresh thinking. He stays up until the early hours – his reported best thinking time, awakens late afternoon, followed by breakfast in bed and a bath whilst watching The Flintsones…yabadabadoo!

Great Ideas Change Lives

Simon is one of countless men and women who throughout history have harnessed the innate human ability (although most don’t ever appreciate this), to think and create ideas and in the process change their lives. It is not so long ago, at the age of 33, Simon was bankrupt and living with his parents. An experience, he says allows him to really appreciate what he has today, including an impressive reported personal income of $45 million per year.

Another inspiring story of rags to riches is JK Rowling. At the time of writing Harry Potter, she was a single parent, claiming income support. This one idea transformed her life in so many ways, including creating a net worth of a growing $1 billion fortune. This opportunity to take action on our ideas is open to anyone.

How to Recognise Great New Business Ideas

Think back to your last great idea. It could literally be anything, from the idea to send a thank you note to a friend or a business idea that changed your life. Whatever it was, it probably ‘felt just right’.

There wasn’t any resistance and it didn’t take any effort to put into action, You didn’t have to feel motivated first, it took care of itself. I felt like this last week when I had the idea to run 5 miles a day for the next 30 days. They kind of take care of themselves.

How different would your life be if instead of trying to always figure things out, you chose follow great ideas instead? [tweet this]

Great Ideas Change Lives in An Instant

As soon as you decide to follow a great idea life changes. Why is this? Well take for example the decision to quit your job and start a business which excites you. Whilst your circumstances may not change immediately, hopefully your level of commitment, productivity and focus of thought will shift immediately.

The problem is great ideas are hard to see if we’re thinking about ourselves or life in a limited way, looking at life through a problem lens. Life ends up feeling like hard work, we get stuck and unable to move forward because we can’t see a way but when you access new thinking, the world immediately looks different.

The Nature of Thought

Thinking creates your experience of life. It defines what you believe is possible and like much of human activity, it’s habitual. Whilst thinking itself is a limitless resource, your way of thinking about stuff can limit your experience and level of success in life. Why? Because you live in the feeling of your thinking, experiencing sensationally every thought.

You are not affected emotionally by the weather, the economy, your partners habits, your bank balance, your kids behaviour, the neighbours dog etc. It is always your thinking about ‘stuff’, which determines whether there is a problem or not.[Tweet this]

If You Don’t Like You’re Experience…Think Again

One of the keys to creating a successful, joyous, fun and happy life, is to spend as little time as possible stuck in limited thinking; believing its resulting experience to be all there is. The more we let old thinking pass through, the more able we are to recognise new ideas and the kind of thinking which will helps create true success.

If life is feeling ‘rubbish’, you always have the choice to think again. Fortunately there is no box to try and think outside of. Like ground hog day, thinking is only constrained from buying into the same ideas over and over again. Whilst it feels real, it’s just an illusion.

Limitless Thinking

The greatest inventors, creators and innovators recognise great ideas come from a quiet, focused mind. A state of consciousness, which trusts in something bigger than our personal ideas of our life. They know the best ideas aren’t available whilst they’re busy, over analysing a problem. They learn to stay focused, open, present and curious.

“Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves” Einstein

Simon Cowell understands that the quality of his ideas is determined by his mood. It is obvious the lower your state of mind, the lower quality your ideas. Yet even here great ideas exist, they’re just harder to recognise.

Getting Started

Great ideas without action waste your potential. Creating your big ideas is by no means the easy option, yet neither is mediocrity. The difference being one inspires you, gets you running out of bed each day the other saps you of energy as you ignore what really matters to you most. Time for you to get started?

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