Emmanuel Kelly Shows You There’s Nothing Stopping You

Emmanuel Kelly Shows You There’s Nothing Stopping You

By Jamie Matthewman
April 22nd, 2013

I love this audition from Emmanuel Kelly. A man who I’m sure who’s doubted himself in the past, yet never let those ideas stop him from following his passion.

One of the biggest reasons we don’t follow our dreams through, or even give them a chance is because of the fear of an imagined failure.

Ideas of Failure

An idea about the future, without hope and belief leads many men resign themselves to a life of mediocrity. ‘Ideas’ of failure set up a feedback loop of insecurity and apathy. Humans have biologically evolved to take the path of least resistance to conserve energy levels, when food was sparse. So perhaps it’s no wonder big ideas never get started and men remain lazy.

It makes sense – why would you take a risk if you didn’t think you could succeed? Why would you risk the safety you think you have, for something that’s just an idea?

What Does Your Future Look Like?

You’ve heard the importance of being in the NOW, yet your thoughts about the future are potentially just another way to distract yourself from connecting to your innate courage, strength and resiliency, which can feel absent if your ideas about the future create a sense of hopelessness. But with the intention to stay present, it can be easy to forget how important it is to keep a careful eye on what your imagining your future will be like. As Ken Wilber says


“the way you approach the present isn’t just determined by the way you approach the past, but by the way you approach the future. The richer conception of the future you have, the richer your life in the present becomes.”


The Need to Remain Hopeful

Optimism is a powerfully creative state of mind, it keeps you in action and open to possibility. Your imagination too is a powerful asset, creatively boundless, yet also with the potential to stop you dead in your tracks. It is important to learn how to use it effectively if you want to achieve higher levels of success, because otherwise you could easily be using it to talk yourself out of action.

So if you’ve been giving up before you’ve started, it’s time to start believing in you and your future. Watch this video and see the truth that you are not limited by your circumstances or anything that has ever happened to you. You are not limited necessarily by your body and you are not limited by fear…unless of you decide to be.

Jamie Matthewman

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