Stop, Take a Breath and Look Around You!

Stop, Take a Breath and Look Around You!

By Jamie Matthewman
April 8th, 2015

I have been a little quiet the last couple of weeks, I’ve been away enjoying the beautiful Island of Fuertaventura with my family, taking the opportunity to run barefoot along the amazing beaches, watch the sun rise across the ocean and relax with a great book in the sunshine…as much as you can when there’s an energetic 6 year old running wild!


During the last couple of weeks I’ve had some powerful insights which have led to clarity around a couple of things I’ve been struggling to find direction with. I have been reminded how important it is unplug and let work take a back seat for a while, even though in today’s faced paced world slowing down seems counter intuitive to achieving success.

On the flight home as I glanced out of the window and witnessed the magnificent sight of the moon in the sky and the great expanse of a city unfolding below; I had a sense of how amazing it is to witness a view of the world NO man had experienced 75 years ago.


In fact 75 years ago only a handful of people had ever flown and even today I find it remarkable that only approximately 5% of the population has felt the immense power of a jet plane taking off the ground. I expect if you’d asked an aeronautic engineer 100 years ago if they thought it was possible for 250 people to fly at 550mph in a 162 ton, jet powered, 375,000 part machine, 7 miles above the earth and crossing 2 continents and at least 10 countries in less than 4 hours; he’d have thought you were insane!

Yet because I’ve been a pretty frequent flyer I rarely give much thought to the magnificence of the experience anymore, as soon as I get on the plane I often reach for a book help while away the time. What was once an experience of great excitement, no longer seemed to hold the magic it did.

The same was true for most of the people on the flight who were so engrossed in their magazines, kindles, iPad’s etc they missed the still pioneering adventure they were part of. But this isn’t just about flying, this is about life.

We always have the opportunity to truly experience the wonder of our own unique adventure each and every moment. Yet more often than not we remain unaware, unconsciously stuck in our heads to appreciate the kind and loving people that grace our lives, the technologies that make our life easier and the beauty in nature, which provides so much for us to admire.


We are lucky men, innately blessed with one hell of a creative power that can make a difference in the world. A gift that needs to be nurtured and explored.

Yet from what I see most men rarely exploit this inner resource because we’re conditioned to rush through life at 100mph. Unconsciously following the herd along a well trodden path we’ve been duped to believe will deliver the happiness we deserve. However the reality is we often end up feeling lost and miss out on the bigger experience life beholds.

You were born to create, to make a difference, to impact the world in wondrous ways, just like the many men and women who’ve been involved over the last 100 years creating the awesome flying machines that allow us to traverse our wonderful planet with ease.

I take my hat of to them and encourage you today to stop for a moment, take a deep breath and look around you. Take a moment to appreciate something you’ve been taking for granted until now. This could quite easily be yourself…

Jamie Matthewman

About Jamie Matthewman

Jamie is the founder, main contributor and editor of The Inspired Man.

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