Stuck in Heavy Traffic?

Stuck in Heavy Traffic?

By Jamie Matthewman
July 16th, 2013

I was flying back from Paris on a business trip a couple of weeks ago. Glancing around, I saw a couple to the left of me happily chatting and smiling, seemingly thoroughly enjoying the journey and each others company. It was lovely to watch.

Further down the plane people were sleeping, or quiet, lost in thought, heads buried in laptops and Ipads. In front of me a young child aged about 3, was screaming loudly in pain. It seemed the pressure in the cabin was hurting his ears. He was agonisingly pleading over and over again, with his mum to help him, and she was desperately trying to comfort him and ease his pain, yet nothing helped.

Sat on the aisle behind was his father who did nothing. I mean diddly squat, in fact he hid his head in a book, appearing embarrassed because his child was making so much noise.

Just as we were about to land, the pilot announced that air traffic control had postponed our landing due to heavy traffic. This seemed ironic as I looked around and realised each of the 300 people on that plane, was having a totally different experience of the journey, dependent completely on the quality of the traffic in their heads.

Those choosing to enjoy the ride, didn’t mind a delay or a change to their schedule. They carried on regardless, embracing whatever came. Some passengers didn’t notice and carried on working. Whilst passengers deciding this was a problem, began bemoaning the pilot and the airline, totally missing the lush mountainous scenery and great lakes unfolding out of the plan window.

The Interior Traffic Always Dictates Reality

Too much ‘heavy traffic’ can send you over the edge as Michael Douglas found out in the film Falling Down. If it gets the better of you, it can lead to crazy, irrational actions and behaviour. At the very least, it will create stress and stifle your creativity.

If thinking is taken too seriously, it will keep you from your wisest choices, limit your best results and stop you being able to enjoy, embrace and appreciate each moment. However no matter whether on a plane, train or automobile, you always have the option to let go and enjoy the ride.

Whilst I often forget, the choice is always there and perhaps the most interesting thing about this is, that now matter what reality you’re creating, there’s always the option for more.

Jamie Matthewman

About Jamie Matthewman

Jamie is the founder, main contributor and editor of The Inspired Man.

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