The Incredible Physique of 70 Year Old Sonny Bryant Jr

The Incredible Physique of 70 Year Old Sonny Bryant Jr

By Jamie Matthewman
February 28th, 2014

sam sonny bryant

These are the abs of Sam Sonny Bryant Jnr, an inspiring 70 year old man who started bodybuilding at the age of 44, after what he calls a ‘bad marriage’ to relieve stress.

He was recently chronicled on The Augusta Chronicle, where they have some amazing images Sonny Bryant, who looks fantastic irrespective of his age! He still works out twice a day, and competes in bodybuilding competitions.

His impressive physique is honed by a combination of hard work and a healthy breakfast, which typically consists of a dry waffle or scrambled eggs with well-done bacon. After that, it’s straight to the gym for his daily workout. Sam says –

“I want people to recognise what I’m doing and realise that it can be done, they can do it. A lot of young guys, they go home, sit around, watch TV and do nothing – I’ve seen a lot of young guys who are older than me”

You will see when you watch the video, his inspiring attitude to life, this is our favourite quote of Sam’s –

people have the misconception that age makes you old, but I realised it’s state of mind that makes you old, age is just a number

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