How to Harness the Power of Commitment

How to Harness the Power of Commitment

By Jamie Matthewman
October 3rd, 2014

“Once a man has made a commitment to a way of life, he puts the greatest strength in the world behind him. It’s something we call heart power. Once a man has made this commitment, nothing will stop him short of success.” Vince Lombardi

If you’ve read some my earlier articles, you’ll clearly see I’m not professing to have all of the answers or claiming to be some kind of superhero. In fact far from it.

I’m just an average guy, endeavoring to break free from the binds of convention and the limited world of my conditioning, so that I can live a full and inspiring life on my terms.

I hope the process of sharing my insights with you adds some value, however small to your life. Please do let me know if you’re finding this useful or how things could be improved.

Even though at time’s it’s uncomfortable, I aim to be totally transparent with you, so I that I don’t delude myself or add anymore bullshit into the world. There is enough of that already.

Just so you know, I continue to make mistakes. I sometimes don’t do what I say I will. I get scared and I have days when I doubt myself. These are just some of the traits, which hamper my success and get in the way of happiness. But as far as I see, this is just part of being human so I attempt to embrace it all.

Having said that, I got started on an idea 6 years ago that’s brought me to here, even though my ego urged me to stay ‘safe’, and keep out of the way of possible ridicule. If you’ve read this article on self doubt, you’ll appreciate this was a big hurdle for me.

And yet I’ve found just being in the game isn’t enough. It’s a big first step. But unless you’re willing to give everything, the results are always going to be mediocre at best.

If you’re intent on achieving your highest potential or creating something that matters, halfway house just won’t do. It has to be all or nothing but getting their is itself a journey that may take sometime.

Going All In – Harnessing the Power of Commitment

going all in

As you know commitment is a prerequisite for success. It’s the driving force of motivation and the engine of discipline, two essentials needed to keep you in the game even when the going gets tough.

There was a time I used to believe committing to something meant I limited my options and opportunities, so I rarely stuck at anything long enough to experience real success. At other times the idea I wasn’t good enough, and the subsequent thought of imminent failure, stopped me going all in.

But now I’m finding the more I truly commit to what’s important, what I love, the more I get back. The more I discover about who I really am, what I really want and what I’m truly capable of. Going all in rewards in ways I am only just discovering.

The Problem with Not Going All In

the power of commitment

Half hearted attempts merely touch the surface of what’s possible. You never see how much you have to offer.

You never push yourself outside of where’s comfortable, to the places where you see what you’re really made of, where the real growth happens, as old stories fall away, leaving you standing tall in a territory that’s completely new.

In sport it is clear how essential a high level of commitment is to success. The results do the talking, if you don’t commit to the training, the performance on the field suffers. You get out what you put in.

In relationships sitting on the fence either because you’re scared of getting hurt or because you’re a little nonchalant, is rarely a recipe for building long term trust and connection. The same is true in business or deciding to change a habit – without total commitment you’re unlikely to succeed.

If you ‘try’ to stop smoking by cutting down instead of actually stopping, you’re probably just deluding yourself. If you wanted to stop you’d stop. The intention is weak and likely to end in failure.

I don’t see much point in dipping your toes into the water, when you could be diving in head first, immersing yourself in the experience.

Here is where I’m at – unless I can totally throw myself in it’s pointless to proceed. If I’m not willing to fully commit to a goal or project, I am not starting. I am not going to waste mine or other peoples precious time and resources, going after mediocre results that don’t matter.

How do You Commit to Something?

the committed place

We’ve already discussed playing at half speed won’t get you the results or satisfaction you deserve. However if you’re ready to TRULY commit to creating something, whether it’s a new habit, an amazing relationship or a project that really matters, there’s isn’t anything else left to do apart from get on with the hard work. If you’ve made the commitment to commit, you’re on your way.

Committing is a bit like turning on a switch. It doesn’t require anything more than metaphorically moving a goal or an outcome into ‘the committed place’ in your mind.

When you book a holiday you’re all in. Nothing except an unexpected calamity or illness will get in the way of you getting to the airport in time to catch the plane.

There’s no way you’ll sleep through your alarm or miss the taxi that will take you to the airport. You have saved the money, made sure your passport is valid, triple checked your bags to ensure you have everything you need. You visited the doctors to have your vaccinations etc etc

You have made certain every piece of the puzzle is in place so you get to where you want to go, with minimal chances of hiccups along the way. This is the kind of commitment we’re talking about.

This doesn’t mean it will be easy or there won’t be days when old patterns hold you back or unconscious beliefs and assumptions stop you taking action, but day by day you’ll start to see through the mist and recognise what you need to do and who you need to be to achieve what you want.

What Are You Really Committed To?

You appreciate your time is precious, in fact it’s the highest value asset you have. Yet we take it for granted by committing to people, to projects, to actions that don’t matter or add value to our lives.

Whether you’re fully aware of it or not, you’re always committed to something. The question is do they improve your health, your finances, your education, your happiness? Or are they distracting you from more important work?

Maybe you’re committed to laziness, self doubt or a career that’s leaving you stressed and unhappy. Perhaps it’s completing the latest box set on Netflix.

Committing To What Truly Serves You

What is it that really serves you in your life? What lights you up with inspiration? For me it’s simple – writing, learning, running and exercise, eating a healthy plant based diet, meditation, my family, spiritual exploration and pushing myself outside of my comfort zone.

It took me while to fully understand what matters most, but each day I work that little bit harder on making the important aspects, even more important so that I don’t revert to old habits that keep me playing small.

If you want to create a new experience you have to commit to changing what isn’t working. Commitment isn’t necessarily easy, but it’s one of the most important cornerstones for transforming your life, no matter where you’re at on your trajectory.

Whilst commitment might take more effort, more sacrifice, more of your time the rewards are compelling. Being committed to something or someone you love leaves you feeling like your life matters. But if you’re heart’s not in the game keep off the field, it’s a waste of precious time and energy.

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