What Are Your Core Values And Are You Living Them?

What Are Your Core Values And Are You Living Them?

By Jamie Matthewman
May 12th, 2016

“Every man dies but not every man lives” ~ William Wallace

What are your core values…those principles that you’ll never compromise on…the standards you endeavour to live your life by…in fact do you even know what really matters to you and for you?


The reason I ask is because as Roy Disney says, when we explicitly know what we value most and why, decisions become easier and our lives become purposeful. There is less dallying, more focus.

Personally I’ve made some terrible decisions in my time.

This was mostly because I didn’t have a clear idea of what I valued in life, as a result I lived like a pinball, bouncing from one thing to another with no real goals or ambitions.

I didn’t know what I stood for, so I did stupid things, I made really bad mistakes, I got in with the wrong crowd, I hurt people. I screwed up many times.

Of course I didn’t mean to, I simply wasn’t aware that as a man I needed to define what was important and what I stood for back then.

This is why being clear about your core values is critical for building an inspired life, because it helps you to stay of track and true to yourself.

Personally I don’t believe we each have some god given purpose that we’re supposed to discover, that will make our lives seem meaningful.

However I do believe most if not all of us have been gifted every opportunity, every facet, every capability to create a life we love. The kind of life that’s built around what inspires us, work we love to do and our talents.

I don’t believe there’s any obligation to do this, it’s a choice for those who recognise it’s a possibility.

It doesn’t make life any more meaningful. Life has equal meaning in every moment. That said, I’d suggest life’s more enjoyable and fulfilling, when aligned with our highest values – the principles you want to live by.

Once we know what we stand for, we can begin designing our lives around the things we hold in highest esteem. We know where to focus our energy, time and attention.

If we waste a day investing our time in actions in ways that don’t help us create what we want, that loss is permanent. We can earn more money, improve our physical bodies, and repair broken relationships, but we cannot redo yesterday.

Without knowing what matters to you, if you’re anything like me, distraction comes easy! So being clear on what your values are, means you stick to a clear and consistent course, which over time will create the results you want.

So…what are you values?

What do you value most in life and why are they important?

Brainstorm a list of your values, your responses should be a single word or two that encapsulates each answer. For example, if one of your answers is, “making lots of money,” then you might reduce that to the value of “wealth”

Personally mine are freedom, family, friendships, fun and laughter, fitness, courage, truth, personal growth and evolution, financial freedom

I haven’t ranked them, which you could do. If some of your current values aren’t aligned with what you want, you can change them. A value isn’t set in stone, they’re stories you’ve created about what you determine is important. You can change you mind at anytime.

When I asked myself this question recently, I was pleased to see that in the main, my life’s fairly well aligned with most of my core values.

It’s taken me a while and continues to be be testing at times. There are areas where I’ve work to do and changes still to make. For instance I’m along way off achieving financial freedom and fear still holds me back at times, but it’s good to know I’m on the right track. Seeing where I can improve offers me the chance to make certain values more of a priority in my life.

So…which of your core values are you not living as fully as you’d like? What’s holding you back?

I posted this earlier in The Inspired Man’s Facebook group, so if you’d like to know what other guys like you, who want to live inspired lives have to say on this topic… 

Get involved in the conversation.

Be good to see you there.

Jamie @ The Inspired Man

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