What is An Inspired Man?

What is An Inspired Man?

By Jamie Matthewman
September 12th, 2015

An inspired man is a man who’s living an inspired life. Each man’s definition of what it means to live an inspired life will vary, but there are some common characteristics. These are :

An Inspired Man is committed being in optimal health. He wants to look good, feel amazing, strong and energised. He knows without vitality and vigour, he’s unable to experience life to the fullest or lead himself or others to his full capacity.

An Inspired Man is on a mission to live his life courageously, powerfully and truthfully. He deeply appreciates he is the leader in his life. He takes full responsibility for creating the life of meaning and adventure he wants. He is intent on breaking free from all confines of self doubt and insecurity, so that he can become the most powerful man he can.

An Inspired Man is committed to his own personal evolution. He wants to prosper, to thrive, to come alive in all areas of life and won’t make do or settle for mediocrity. He’s determined to step off the well trodden path, to fully explore and express his most inspired self.

An Inspired Man’s biggest fear is to wake up in 30 years, kicking himself because he blew the chance to truly take on life with all of his heart and soul. He wants to satisfy his deep yearning for greater meaning and freedom.

An Inspired Man is determined to build his life around work he’s passionate about and in the process create a life for himself and his family, that’s rich and abundant in all aspects.

An Inspired Man wants to fulfill his highest potential. He appreciates action is his best friend. He wants to create amazing relationships and discover the truth of who he really is.

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