The Fifty Thousand Pound Question You Should Know

The Fifty Thousand Pound Question You Should Know

By John Dashfield
November 6th, 2013

A few years ago, when I used to attend Toastmasters, I gave a presentation which I called the ‘£50,000 question’.

The title was intentionally designed to make people curious and I shared a true story about how I asked one particular question to a new client, and won £50,000 of new business for my company as a result.

This particular client already had a long term relationship with someone who provided the services I do. Yet they’d never asked this question, and it was because of that, on this occasion, they lost the business.

I’m amazed that when I use services no one ever asks me this question. Instead, people just get straight into asking details. Employers and managers rarely ask their people this question, and therefore have no idea about how to motivate them effectively. So they struggle to understand what makes people tick and create all sorts of easily avoidable problems. So what is this question?

The question is “What is most important to you about…?”

I’ve never had a dentist ask me “What is most important to you about healthy teeth?”

I’ve recently been exploring a holiday I want to take with my family. The travel agents have never asked me “What’s important to you about your holiday?”.

When I used to work for a living (i.e. had a job) no employer ever asked me “What’s important about your job to you?” or “What’s important about this company to you?”

No one asks, and yet the answers are gold dust.

Why Is This Question So Powerful?

Embedded in the answers are people’s emotional drivers. Their values. The criteria they want to fulfil. These are the things that ultimately cause people to do what they do.

So, do you have a really good understanding of what’s most important to you, your partner, your children, you customers or your people? (guessing or assuming doesn’t work. This is called mind-reading).

This simple question could completely change the quality of relationships you create because most people have never consciously explored what’s most important to them. When you help them to elicit this information it creates a deep trust and rapport. It differentiates you.

There are some powerful ways you can use the information once you have it, and I’ll be writing about that over the coming months. But for now, keep practicing asking the question. And enjoy yourself enjoying the results.

John Dashfield

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