What Really Matters Most in Life?

What Really Matters Most in Life?

By Jamie Matthewman
April 30th, 2013

I read a powerful, moving and inspiring interview today in The Times by Lucy Bannerman, which poignantly reminded me of what really matters most in life. The article was about Sian Busby, a novelist and her husband Robert Peston, the BBC’s business editor; a couple deeply in love.

Unfortunately last September, Sian tragically lost her battle against lung cancer after 5years living with the illness. Sian worked hard on her writing throughout this difficult time, never giving up. In fact Robert says Sian courageously used the difficult circumstances to claim victory over the illness. He tells how

she and I had an important if not wholly rational conviction that where there is life there is hope, that there is no point living in constant fear, and that there is an almost moral imperative not to be ground down by circumstances, even if those circumstances are an express train thundering in our direction

During the subsequent days after Sian’s death, Robert typed up her final handwritten manuscript, which he didn’t know was complete till he got to the end. “My motive was selfish: I wanted to keep talking to her. I still do”. He goes on to say

the cancer did not haunt us. If anything, it helped us to understand what matters in life: family first and foremost; work that fulfils; friends, beauty and fun

For me Roberts words put the preciousness of life in to perspective. Thank you Robert and Sian for inspiring me and reminding me today of what’s really important: family first and foremost; work that fulfils; friends, beauty and fun.

Jamie Matthewman

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