Why Chaos In Life Can be Good News

Why Chaos In Life Can be Good News

By Jamie Matthewman
June 16th, 2013

Chaos is Good News ~ Kevin Flynn, Tron Legacy

The Grid was created by Kevin Flyn, who became imprisoned in the digital world he created.

In the sequel he gets a message to his son, who he hasn’t seen for 20 year. He subsequently finds his way into the Grid where together they have to try and stop the malevolent program CLU from invading the human world.

The defining moment is when Kevin proclaims “Chaos is Good News”, when he realises the only choice available is to ‘take on the order of system’ in a last ditch attempt to avert the program from destroying earth.

The Definition of Chaos

Chaos is defined as a condition or place of great disorder or confusion, in physics disorder or equilibrium in a system is measured by entropy. The higher the measure of entropy, the greater the disorder.

If we relate this to life, when it seems like the highest point of disorder or confusion, like in the film when Kevin decides to take on the system, we’re always offered a choice.

We can choose to continue with disorder in our lives, allowing fear of the unknown to keep it’s grip and keep us trapped, or we can decide to embrace chaos, and let order begin to reassemble itself.

It probably won’t feel comfortable, but chaos can be the prelude to big changes in life – a point of irreversiblilty. A little like when a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. However if we stay fearful of the highest point of entropy, we remain stuck in chaos.

Change is Inevitable

We might not appreciate it day to day, but change is happening all of the time. We can’t stop or control changes from occurring.

From the stubble on your chin or nails growing longer, to companies going bust and 1000’s of jobs being lost. Change happens irrespective of whether we want it or resist it.

Very little is within our control. This is the mystery of life.

Most people try to maintain equilibrium in their lives and avoid change. Afraid to take a leap of faith. Scared of losing all they’ve accumulated, but all of the accumulations in the end are worthless.

So surely what matters most, is we truly experience life to its fullest isn’t it?

Imagine if everything you have today no longer existed, would it be such a big deal? What if instead of avoiding chaos, you actually strived for it?

This is where new experiences and new lives are created, where what you once knew no longer matters, where you decide fear will not stop you anymore.

This is the place where you become a butterfly and soar above chaos.

Jamie Matthewman

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