Ready to start achieving greater success, living a bigger adventure and becoming the powerful, confident man you’re meant to be?

I work with men who want to develop the clarity, confidence and self belief that enables them to break free from limited ideas that hold them back from creating the kind of life they truly deserve.

“Speak to a man what he ought to be and could be ― and he will become it.” ― Goethe

What is Coaching

Firstly coaching isn’t something anyone needs. It is only for those willing to invest in themselves for the sole purpose of achieving their greatest potential. Is that you?

So if you expect a lot from yourself and suspect that the strategies that got you this far, may not be suitable for the next leg of the journey, I want to help you make that next leap.

If you’re ready to embark on a journey of transformation I am very well qualified to assist you to create what’s truly possible for you.

Who I Work With

I work with men who have a dream that keeps them awake at night – a dream to fulfill their potential.

Men ready to take action in the name of bringing their inspired vision to life. Men who want to create something special in the world and in their own lives.

It could be a new business venture, it might be a romantic relationship to surpass anything you’ve known before or maybe you want to help peoples change their lives.

I don’t know what it is you want yet, but if you’re ready to explore this I’m waiting to help you ignite that spark within that will inspire you to make it more than just a pipe dream.

I work with a very limited number of private clients by invitation and referral only. This is because I want to make sure I work with men totally committed to taking their lives to the next level.

Men committed to their own success yet perhaps feeling like they lack the courage, clarity and belief to take the next step of their journey. Coaching isn’t for everyone, in fact you maybe surprised to hear me say no one really needs a coach.

However for those men truly committed to taking their lives and level of happiness and success to the next level – a coach is essential to help clear the way for greater truth in your life. The crux of transformation. Are you ready?

When You’re Ready

Contact me and let me know why you want to embark on a journey of transformation with me.

Once I receive this, I’ll contact you to arrange a no obligation Skype coaching conversation. If following this I feel I can help you, I’ll make you a proposal to work together over a longer period of time – usually a 3 to 6 months.

What You Can Expect

We’ll speak for approximately 60 minutes every two weeks. Each session will have a clear focus, driven by your challenges, opportunities and goals.

The focus is simple: genuine transformation, helping you get free of habitual thought-patterns, get fully aligned with your authentic self and get clarity on what matters to you.

My clients have gone on to create businesses around their passions, improve every relationship in their life, live with greater gratitude and peace of mind and generally improve their life in all areas.

Ready to begin? Contact me and I’ll be in touch with next steps.

What People Are Saying About My Work

“Jamie is committed to progression and applies considered methods to ensure that’s achieved – even if that ultimately means difficult choices and the confrontation of deep-rooted fears and misconceptions. With his kind and supportive demeanour that could never be taught – only learned – Jamie has helped me to make the progress I was already determined to achieve and see through to conclusion. For anyone who wants more from life, Jamie is a big help.” ~ Sebastien Averil, Writer and Phd Candiate in Philosophy

“I’ve worked with Jamie now for many years, through out that time I have found a depth of authenticity that has inspired me to discover my own personal ‘truth’. It’s not been easy at times, but has always taken me to higher levels of being able to express who I truly am in the world. Thank you Jamie.” ~ Mark Harris
Author, workshop leader and midwife

” I’ve been lucky enough to take advantage of Jamie’s help and expertise over the last few years. Jamie is really good at getting me to identify an issue, working through it methodically and calmly, and giving me added confidence to deal with that issue. The crux of it for me is, that Jamie hasn’t necessarily prescribed what I should do, he’s allowed me to rationalise things in my own way. We spoke recently prior to an interview for a job I was keen to land; he gave me some great advice which helped me to be myself (easier said than done under pressure). Needless to say, I got the job.” Gavin Wood, Project Manager

“Jamie asked some thought provoking questions that made me see things with much more clarity.
This clarity lead to a motivation that I was desperately searching for, but I couldn’t quite find on my own.
I was hoping to leave the session with a renewed energy – and that’s exactly what happened!” Clive Lafferty, Senior HR Partner and Business Owner

“When all is said and done, I doubt any of us will reach the end of life and wish we’d spent more time at the office. Jamie’s mission is to help you live full-out right now, from where you are and no matter what seems in the way. If that’s what you want, talk to him. What would you wait for… retirement?” Elese Coit Master Transformative Coach and expert in human potential and well-being

“Jamie has helped me realise that I am not alone and that anything is possible. I have been able to understand my thoughts better and can now see which thoughts are helpful and should be taken notice of and which are unhelpful and should be dismissed as such. I think that one of the most important things I have taken from our work together has been “PURPOSE” and to understand and develop that sense of purpose in life. Working because of a purpose seems all of a sudden easier, has more meaning, seems more fulfilling and will no doubt achieve the objective anyway!! It really has been worthwhile for me and I would highly recommend Jamie to anyone struggling and see how they can achieve the things they really want.” Martyn Overton, Principal Consultant and Business Owner


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